Mexico has great natural locations, but also has the infrastructure and equipment for film productions, commercials, films, television series, or any kind of audiovisual production. From high speed cameras, to full Alexa, Red or DSLR packages, anamorphic, vintage or ultaprime lenses, camera cars, precision drivers and rigging, it doesn’t matter if you need MOCO, BOLT or just a guy good at hand held operation, with Green Mango as a partner, you’ll be able to make it happen.

But is not only the tech and the hardware, it’s the human element where Green Mango gives you the advantage, with a great upbeat and english speaking profesional team that will work with you to make your work easier, your experience amazing and fun, and your vision a reality.

We're based in Guadalajara, México, a 3-hour flight from L.A. and a 50 minute from Mexico City, allowing us to be in a great base for productions in Mexico and Central America.

We are convinced that the magic behind a great piece is in the challenges involved, with the the Green Mango Initiative, your production not only meets your expectations, but it will be stress free and very fun for you.


Hit us up, let’s make it happen.